Justyna Bugajczyk

„I think i should move it to the other cheek, yes, from the cheek to the other cheek”

„I will change tomorrow

yes! changing tomorrow!


before falling asleep I have read 

a book of which the title I do not remember

maybe it was that heavy volume

about the possibility of going in all directions

good: on the right, on the front and above

evil: on the left, on the back and below


the author maybe a philosopher or ever a prophet 

I do not remember since I have fallen asleep

baited these words at himself

baited them at himself

from his sophisticated patter

you could say that 

I must change the evil into goodness

the stupidity into wisdom

the ugliness into beauty

the low into the high

the chill into warmth

the weakness into strength

if I do not do it

i do not change

for better

but I cannot do it

in my bed

just before my sleep”

Excerpt from “The Card Index” by Tadeusz Różewicz