Photo – sensitive

Collective exhibition. Curator: Marek Szyryk.

Artists: Jarosław Klupś, Marek Noniewicz, Eugeniusz Józefowski, Joanna Stoga, Katarzyna Maluga, Tomasz Mielech, Rafał Biernicki, Georgia Krawiec, Monika Kryszczyńska, Jakub Byrczek, Marek Szyryk, Łukasz Filak, Przemysław Zajfert, Paweł Kula.
The “Photo – sensitive” exhibition is a set of the most interesting and creative works by authors who seek photographic images based on imperfection, acceptable – or even desirable – errors and specific image poetics. An increasing number of artists is now turning towards alternative, old, photographic techniques which, until recently, were forgotten or seldom used. The magic of shadows, the uniqueness of effects, leaving the individual mark on one’s works are still the basic working technique for some photographers. Today, in the 21st century, we are still using photographic techniques which have been forgotten for decades. The most intriguing thing for us is the correlation between references to the past and the current, modern trends in photographic art. We examine all the available forms and materials of the old techniques and choose the ones which are close to us and the ones which make the old, well-known techniques an extraordinary medium. We take advantage of the future, but we rely on the evolution which constitutes a typical feature of photography. It is a continuation of the tradition, but it originates from other image needs, since the modern times revise the image conventions and impose new ones. Historically, photography was not based exclusively on one technique of picture creation and recording, therefore it is rich in technical potential – and each technique has its characteristics and forms of expression which are difficult to transfer to any other. It is a starting point for the photographer, who is unable to foresee the final effect and who is sometimes amazed by the results. Mastering the image and depriving it of its anonymity is his reward and in this case, the creation of a unique, exceptional image and a new kind of matter lends photography humanity.