Polish Street Photography 2016

Polska Ulicznie 2016 (Polish Street Photography 2016) is the third edition of the exhibition devoted to Polish street photography.

This year’s edition is organized by PolishStreetPhotography.com and Fotopolis.pl.

Street photography is a specific kind of photojournalism. It is exceptionally popular, as it can be pursued by virtually everyone. More important than expensive, professional equipment are imagination, persistence, a watchful eye and the finger on the trigger – all combined in one decisive moment. The exhibition “Polish Street Photography 2016” is to constitute a summary of the year in street photography, the same as Henri Cartier­Bresson, Robert Frank or Garry Winogrand used to pursue. It is an attempt, on the one hand, to present this photographic genre, which is not always well-understood, and on the other – to show that the works created in Poland are on a par with foreign authors. Photographs for the exhibition were selected by a competition jury composed of representatives of the cultural milieu and of creators whose photographic activity focuses on photojournalism and street photography. Traditionally, one place in the jury is reserved for last year’s winner. This year, the jury comprises:

  • Tomasz Lazar ­ Winner of World Press Photo and Fotofestiwal Łódź Grand Prix awards.
  • Jakub Kamiński ­ Last year’s winner of ”Polish Street”
  • Borys Nieśpielak ­ Author of the ”One minute photo”, winner of both previous editions of the competition
  • Karina Krystosiak ­ Curator of the Jabłkowski Gallery at Jabłkowski Brothers Department Store
  • Paweł Rubkiewicz – Co-owner of the Bookoff chain of artists’ bookstores
  • Mateusz Grybczyński ­ Editor at Fotopolis.pl, founder of Polish Street Photography