Seba Kurtis

Seba Kurtis studied journalism and became a political activist. He grew up under the dictatorship regime in Argentina and in 2001, during the political and economic crisis, left for Europe. He spent over 5 years in Spain as an illegal immigrant. This experience has been the founding blocks of his work today. Seba has focused on the immigration of Mexicans in the USA, Egyptians coming to Italy and Africans going to the Canary Islands.

„Drowned“ is a conceptual print, video and performance work by Argentinian photographer Seba Kurtis. In a striking personal technique Kurtis uses salt water-damaged film to make images of the hostile coasts of the Canary Islands in a harsh bleached out palette that evokes atomic bomb blasts or other nightmares. The work suggests the experience of African migrants who stop there en route to Europe. The video documents the performance of this piece in which negatives are thrown into the Mediterranean. Only the few that wash ashore are printed.