Zuzanna Szarek

Born in Warsaw, Poland. In 1984.

Photographer/painter/picture maker

Focused on search for manifestations of rhythm, harmony and sense in human-made modern landscape.

“Tel Aviv / City space in photography“

The “Tel Aviv” exhibition is a cycle comprising 21 photographs in formats ranging from 100×80 cm to 25×25 cm. The photographs constitute the practical part of my doctoral dissertation. The works are the outcome of my seven study visits in Tel Aviv. From 2012 to 2015, I spent a total of six months living and working in this cosmopolitan bubble, located in the central part of Israel,
a country which – as the only one in the region – has been in military conflict with the majority of its neighbours ever since its establishment in 1948.

Every time I returned to the White City, it felt like home. During the many months, the everyday life and the meetings with people have always been positive. Unlike in Warsaw, where I have lived my entire life, in Tel Aviv I felt afraid only once.
In September 2012, during my second trip, I realized that what draws me there is the desire to capture and to reveal my own truth regarding this extraordinary phenomenon, a truth completely different from the image created by the global media. I decided to tell the tale of a city full of vitality, warmth and energy of the people who live in constant danger.

In 2012, for the first time in 20 years, Hamas missiles were aimed at Tel Aviv. Like some inhabitants, I heard the sound of an air raid siren for the first time in my life and like them, I was only afraid for a moment.