Auction of Brian Griffin’s photos

During the Fotofestiwal closing ceremony on Sunday, June 15, there will be a charity auction of all photographies from Brian Griffin’s exhibition. The auction will be held at MONOPOLIS, 4 Wydawnicza  Street in Lodz. The photographer will appear in person, so you will have an opportunity to get his autograph!

All works will be auctioned – the largest of 3×3 meters size, 90×90 cm and the smallest works in 20×20 cm format. Among them there will be the most famous album covers of Depeche Mode of ​​9 m2 (“A Broken Frame”, “Construction Time Again”, “Speak and Spell”) and portraits of bands and musicians such as Placebo, Queen, REM, Iggy Pop, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Tindersticks, Psychedelic Furs, Passion Puppets, Talk Talk, Billy Idol, Siouxsie Sioux, Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson.

An income from the sale will be donated to the Virako Foundation Happy Backyard – a social campaign whose basic aim is to popularise the idea of founding and running community day-care centres in Lodz. Proceeds will support the Foundation of Visual Education – an organizer of Fotofestiwal and the photographer. Prices start from 150 PLN.

Auction partner:

Download the catalogue of works from the exhibition HERE

15.06.2014 (Sunday), at 6 pm
4 Wydawnicza Street, Lodz
free admission