Future Photo Show

Photographic Interpretations of the Future

At the Future Photo Show we will meet visionary artists who create images of the future.

We are taught that a camera records the present and allows us to instantaneously turn the present into the past. “Cameras (…) render an immediate reverse view of our experiences” Susan Sontag wrote. How can we then talk about the future by means of photography? Is photography capable of creating visions of the future, or perhaps its purpose is to tell stories of the past and leave a trace of the present?

We will try to determine whether there is space for fantastic visions and prophecies in the art of photography. What aspects of the future are artists interested in, what means do they use to present images of the future to the public? We have invited 2 artists to participate in the programme; during meetings they will present their work and tell us about how they themselves envisage the future.

Phillip Toledano (Great Britain/USA) The latest photos from the Confrontations cycle present various versions of the artist’s future, which have been realized with the help of film set designers, make-up artists, DNA tests and…clairvoyants. Who will Phil Toledano be in 30 years? Which version of the future is most likely to happen?

Vincent Fournier (France) He likes composing images where the sense and the non-sense mix. His photos question the world which surrounds us by creating shady, improbable, sometimes inconsistent situations, always on the border of serious history and childhood dreams. During the Future Photo Show he will present three series: Archeology of the future: The Post Natural History, Space Project and The Man Machine.

7.06, 2 pm.
Art_Inkubator, theater hall
Tymienieckiego 3