Polish Photography – future and perspectives

The meeting of specialists who deal with cultural politics on a daily basis and are at the same time passionate about photography will offer an opportunity to reach the diagnosis on the state of Polish photography and to draw conclusions for the future. How do the institutions responsible for promoting photography function? Do they effectively support the artists’ activities both locally and internationally? What can be done to improve the photographers’ base? How can one promote Polish photography abroad?

Anna Duńczyk – The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage
Agnieszka Olszewska and Tomasz Gutkowski – Krakow Photomonth
Marta Szymańska and Krzysztof Candrowicz – Fotofestiwal in Lodz
Franek Ammer and Maciej Bujko – TIFF Festival in Wroclaw
Inez Baturo – Foto Art Festival in Bielsko Biała
Adam Pańczuk, Piotr Zbierski, Krzysztof Pijarski – artists

host: Adam Mazur