Max 30′

The ensemble is a construct of unstable form. It is torn by the tensions which it itself produces. Trajectories of forces develop in all directions. Harmony of conflict. Order of chance. Constancy of entropy. Without limits. The ensemble is a generative, organic web, where a body of a performer intertwines with a body of an instrument, where a dry sound intertwines with a resonant one. Macro and micro- worlds span in parallel perspectives. With no end.

MAX 30’  is an audio-visual performance by RUMORY ORKIESTRA [Rumors Orchestra], a group that is known for actions inspired by futurism, musique concrète, and industrial music. They use unconventional sources of sound, fabricated accoustic instruments and voice. Creation of sound is a physical effort and it is an effect of multidimentional direct interactions and feed backs between people, between a human and an object/instrument, between sound and image, image and word, movement and surroundings. The performance includes monophonic quadrophony and  projections generated during the action.

The contributors:

Aleksandra Chciuk – audiovisual artist, performer, student of photography of Łódź’s Film School. She’s an author of video works concerning gesture, human phisicality in connection to nature, in connection to another human, or to an object.

Paweł Cieślak – composer, music producer, sound engineer, graduate of AM in Łódź in clarinet class.

Bartek Kujawski – also known as 8rolek [8rolls], author of recordings released by Milk Music, BDTA, Sangopisamo, Cockrockdisco, Raban.

Gerard Lebik – creates sounds and music through improvisation, musical scores and manipulation of sound material through accoustic and electronic mediums.

Maciej Ożóg – culture theorist, researcher in media arts, sound artist, cultural event organiser, researcher at UŁ

Marcin Pryt – has released many albums as author of lyrics and a vocalist with the bands: 19 Wiosen [19 Springs], Tryp, 11.

Norma 40 – 60 [Norm 40-60] local propagator working within industrial, experimental and electro-industrial spheres.