Kasia Stręk

Rainbow in the Dust

Photographs from Rainbow in the Dust series were taken during my journey to the Australian outback. They make up a combination of a visual notebook and an artistic documentary in which from the perspective of a stranger and a traveler I look at life of people living in Coober Pedy, a distant colony in the middle of a desert. Its surreal landscape verifies the notion of a city that is codified in the European thought. It reveals the way a man organizes the reality around him, how at all costseven iftemporarily,wishesto subjugatethe surrounding nature.

Kasia Stręk (born 1989) – currently enrolled at the last year of Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz she pursues an individual program of studies. Within the confines of granted scholarships she studied photography and photojournalism firstly in France at École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Lyon then in Australia at Queensland College of Art, Griffith University in Brisbane. Widely understood documentary photography lays in the middle of her artistic activity. She finds inspiration in various social problems, such as a place of human being in urban space, ways of living in a multicultural society as well as female issues.

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