Malwina Wachulec

Rivers and Roads

The River and Roads project is a private map of the emotions related with searching for emotional stabilisation. By using fairy-like stories that are simultaneously her dreams Malwina Wachulec tries to invite the viewer to the inside of her soul. It is a story of metaphorical chasing a rabbit, unsurpassed love, break-ups and getting back together. The motto of the project: “Rivers and roads, rivers till I’ll reach you” are the lyrics of The head and the heart music band. The final product of the project is a self-published with book, realized with Izabela Jackowska’s help in editing.

Malwina Wachulec – born in 1989 in Lodz, is a 4th year student of photography at The Leon Schiller Film School in Lodz. In her photography she is rather an inventor more than an explorer, she creates her own pictures instead of finding them in her surrounding. Among Malwina Wachulec’s main interests is mainly a human being and its relationship with other people and reality. Her projects are based on emotional observation of her own life and the life of the loved ones. She tries to give these stories a unique photographic narration, balancing between sleep and awake. The situations arranged by her seem to be possible, although difficult to find in everyday reality. She participated in both individual and group exhibitions. The Illuminance serie was presented, among many places, during Fotofestival in Lodz in 2013 and is currently exhibited in Øksnehallen in Copenhagen. Among her various achievements you might find several publications, such as: The Balkans – Impressions published in cooperation with The Film School and University of Lodz. Apart from photography, her second love is horse riding.

Wi-Ma, Piłsudskiego 135

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