collective exhibition of Filmschool students

Curator: Magdalena Franczuk

Quietlyloud is a kaleidoscope of the young people’s inner worlds – the students of photography in the Polish Film School. They may represent quite diverse personalities, but they function next to one another in the same time and space. The authors confront  themselves with  the private stories by means of the images, touching the ignition points which affect their sensitivity. The photography becomes a kind of an intimate diary, a way of an impressionistic narration about feelings, or a method of autotherapy. All creators use the subjective means of expression to speak about themselves and their closest environment – they enter the photographic area of the documentary of the inner world, where the genuineness of the personal feeling is mixed with creation or a symbolic analogy recognised in the reality.

Bartosz Mateńko, Maria Cieślak, Mariusz Drezniak, Magdalena Franczuk, Kamila Ilnicka, Magdalena Kulak, Łukasz Kuś, Agata Opalińska, Marcela Paniak, Maurycy Stankiewicz, Izabela Zdziebko

Piotrkowska 138/140

opening hours

opening: 4.06, 8 pm.
exhibition is held: 5-15.06