Robert Mainka

Lavish Fields

Curator: Anna Kazimierczak

Lavish Fields consists of more than a hundred pictures. It is a catalogue of metaphors and abstract thoughts. The Author – Robert Mainka – uses various art genres (from reportage and staged photography to painting) in order to compose improvised statements on four elementary components of human nature – body, desire, thoughts and feelings. The images are sketches aiming at catalyzing a sense of indefinable content, an intuition of meaning. The ideas have been carried out with everyday objects and space close to the artist. The title and the structure of the project refers to the poem The Waste Land by TS Eliot.

Robert Mainka – born in 1990 in Rybnik. 3rd year student of photography at the Łódź Film School. He’s fascinated with creation photography in connection with staging and painting.

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