The place of photography in History of Art, Lech Lechowicz

The discussion relating with publication Lech Lechowicz “History of photography 1839-1939”. The first hundred years of history of photography will be a starting point for discussion about the place of photography in the art history, with special emphasis on the presence of Polish photography in the currency of contemporary art and in the art education. The discussion will be attended by students, PhD students and lecturers of the Department of Photography at the Lodz Film School. Discussion connected with the promotion of the book Lech Lechowicz “History of Photography 1839-1939”. Publication prized – Journalist Award in the competition for the best SWSW academic textbook in 2013.

Lech Lechowicz  – born in 1952 in Lodz. The media historian and long-term curator of photographic collections in Museum of Art in Lodz. A member of the Association of Art Historians since 1978. Currently deals with history and theory of photography as well as film, video and digital techniques. Author of many works, articles, reviews, as well as critical texts in exhibition catalogs referring to the problems of modern art of the 20th century, particularly to the relationships between traditional artistic disciplines and the new media (i.e. the author of publications: Fotoeseje. Teksty o fotografii polskiej/2010 and Historia fotografii 1839 – 1939, vol.I/ 2012). Lecturer at the National Film School in Lodz.

08.06, 1 pm.
Art_Inkubator / theater hall
Tymienieckiego 3