Marie Hudelot

The Legacy

I made this series with the desire to build a set of symbolic portraits inspired by my background of double cultures. I’m French with middle eastern origins. I worked by using the pictorial tradition of still lives, I chose to put forward characters, where the nature and objects they carry, come from different rites and customs.

The photographs can be grouped into three metaphorical categories: Firstly the “mark”, with elements of uncultivated land, evocative death and rebirth. Secondly, the “fight” with a reinterpretation of the various struggles and honors of war, as a tribute to ancestors, veterans sometimes death indifference or anonymity of the war. And finally the symbol of “femininity” located in the context of two cultures, Freanch and Algerian, sometimes felt as a dichotomy, sometimes as a sign of diversity.

Here jewels, feathers, branches, flowers, hats, decorative ribbons become evocative symbols of seduction, femininity, youth, memory, struggle, life and death. Playing on the accumulation of symbols, profusion of accessories the subjects become still life-like totems or family crests.

Marie Hudelot (1981, France) after studying cinema she enrolls at the Université Paris 8 at the faculty of photography and multimedia. She is interested in performance, portraits and femininity. He work was recently presented at Vichy and Lille in collective exhibitions, as well as Circulation(s) Festival in Paris.

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