Success of the Griffin auction

A unique charitable auction of the works by Brian Griffin presented at the DisCover Photography exhibition turned out to be a great success which concluded this year edition of the festival. 61 photographs out of the total of 66 were bid, as well as the unique shirt produced by Brian Griffin and the last copy of festival catalogue. The record sum of 3500 PLN was offered for the Broken Frame 2, photograph from the Depeche Mode cover session. This photograph was not selected by the author for publication in the album, and it was presented to a wide public for the first time at the Fotofestiwal in Łódź.

The total income from the auction is 30.700 PLN. It will be handed over to the Virako Szczęśliwe Podwórka (Happy Courtyards) Foundation – social action which propagates the idea of setting up and maintaining community centres in Łódź. Part of the income will be handed over to the Visual Education Foundation, the organizer of Fotofestiwal, and to the author of photographs.

The auction took place on June 15, the last day of Fotofestiwal, at Monopolis, which housed the DisCover Photography exhibition.

Brian Griffin’s photographs put up for the auction were presented at the DisCover Photography exhibition, which focused on the artist’s activity within the world of music. Griffin is the author of press portraits of musicians as well as album and singles covers for the following artists: Depeche Mode, Placebo, Queen, REM, Tindersticks, The Clash, Psychodelic Furs, Passion Puppets, Talk Talk, Iggy Pop, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Billy Idol, Siouxsie Sioux, Elvis Costello or Joe Jackson.