From the very beginning the collection has been guided by a specific idea – to create, by means of the most interesting and remarkable pieces of the Polish post-war photography, a wide panorama presenting the image and identity of a contemporary woman.

Devoted mother. Performer. Neighbour. Scandalmonger. Polish Venus. Housewife. Pop-culture symbol. Socialite. Sexual object of the mass culture… Each of these “faces” of woman identity is present at the exhibition, and, most importantly, in the interpretations of the most outstanding Polish photographers.

„Our aim is to show a woman seen through the eyes of both men, and women themselves. We are trying to answer the questions of how the image of a woman has evolved as well as how the perception of a woman in the social context has been changing in time. We would also like to pose several questions regarding current stereotypes: the functioning of woman’s body in the public, media, artistic as well as commercial domains. That is why our collection comprises both works created in accordance with classic beauty models, as well as ones that refer to feminism, gender issues or transsexualism” – say the authors of the collection, Joanna and Krzysztof Madelski.

The exhibition presents 150 works selected from the collection, made with the use of various techniques: from refined photographic techniques, through avant-garde experiments and contemporary digital photography, to installations, objects and videos.

Subjects of Gender and Desire. Photographs from the Collection of Joanna and Krzysztof Madelski – within Fotofestiwal 2012.
Opening – May 11, 2012, h. 20.00, Lodz, Museum of the City of Lodz, Poznanski’s Palace, Ogrodowa 15.
The exhibition will be open until 28 June 2012.