For information please contact:
Aleksandra Kietla
tel. +48 42 684 20 95
mobile: +48 693 86 00 22

To receive accreditation for the Fotofestiwal, please sent to the address
the following data:
- name, surname, email address and telephone number of a journalist
- editorial office’s name, address and phone number

Editorial offices which prepared materials on previous Fotofestiwal editions will be given priority. Please enclose publication scans or links to the publications to the e-mail with the accreditation. The number of accreditations assigned to each editorial office is limited.

Accreditations will be available at the Grohman’s Villa (Tylna 9/11) during these hours:
10.05 14.00-21.00
11-13.05 10.30-20.00
14-20.05 10.30-18.30

Note: During the Fotofestiwal, journalists who have not obtained accreditation via e-mail will be obliged to present the following upon registration:
– Press pass
– publications on previous Fotofestiwal editions – scans of press publications, links to electronic publications (optional)

Additional materials:
- Top Secret – Creative Partner of the Fotofestiwal (press release)
- presentation
- press release
- poster – 300dpi RGB
- poster – 300dpi CMYK
- poster with timetable – 300dpi CMYK
- postcards
- Fotofestiwal – logo
- Fotofestiwal 2012-2014 programme concept
- Fotofestiwal – general info
- history
- Fotofestiwal 2012 – photostory HERE

If you need high definition images relating to the Fotofestiwal please cotact with spokesperson.