The “I*NETWORK. Human Connection” project includes two cycles of meetings and presentations.

The Collective Space activities will be commented on Friday and Saturday (May 11 and 12) during meetings with representatives of selected collectives and two presentations of initiatives not shown in the presentation cycle. On Sunday, curators and artists of the Picturing the Difference exhibition will be available for talking to.

11.05 FRIDAY
Collective Space
15.00-16.00 PIECE OF CAKE, Network of Contemporary Images, presentes Gergely László
16.00-17.00 collective: SPUTNIK PHOTO, presents Jan Brykczyński, Agnieszka Rayss
17.00-18.00 meeting: Louise Clements and Yasminą Reggad
multiple ticket
free entrance for students of Filmschool

Collective Space
13.30-14.30 collective: VERSO, presents Olga Kravets

13.05 SUNDAY

13.00-14.00 GUIDED TOUR Picturing the Difference, Grohman’s Villa, 9/11 Tylna Street
MEETINGS Picturing the Difference: Gergely Laszlo, Bill Kouwenhoven, Daya Cahen, Grohman’s Villa, 9/11 Tylna Street

The cycle of meetings accompanying the Picturing the Difference exhibition will start with a guided tour. During the tour, Gergely Laszlo and Bill Kouvenhowen will speak about the idea of the exhibition, the process of its creation and the projects selected by them. An interesting context for the exhibition will be created also by the latest project of the Gergely Laszlo’s Collective entitled Yad Hanna – The Collective Man. The project objectives are closely related to the idea of the Picturing the Difference exhibition. The final item on the agenda will be a debate on topics raised by the exhibition: artists working together with local communities, role of an artist in the modern society, site-specific and context-specific projects where photography becomes a tool for research and establishing contact, and on partnership and networking methods in the modern artistic practices.

14.30-14.45 – Bill Kouwenhoven, introduction
14.45-15.30 – Roman Babjak presents Lucia Nimcova’s project Unofficial
15.30-16.15 – Gergely Laszlo, presentation of the project Collective Man
16.15-16.35 – Marcin Polak
16.35-17.00 – Bill Kouwenhoven presents Shimon Attie’s projects
multiple ticket