Artists:   Daya Cahen   /   Yann Gross   /   Lucia Nimcova   /   Heidrun Holzfeind   /    Shimon Attie   /   Nate Larson & Marni Shindelman
Gergely László, Bill Kouwenhoven
curators statement

“Picturing the Difference” shows six individual projects with space and community as their focal point. These projects are six different stories told by artists using historical materials, contemporary technologies, the shared photographic stock of the global community, individual stories and their own experiences. All works share interest in social and political issues and are often based on archival research, networking, collaboration, and community intervention. They do not limit themselves to one medium and they treat photography as a cognitive tool and a means of storytelling. “Picturing the Difference” shows how photographs become tools of interpretation and how they can actually make a difference.

The following artists were invited to create the exhibition: Gergely László – artist and curator, and Bill Kouwenhoven – journalist and curator. This is the first time that Gergely László and Bill Kouwenhoven cooperated. By proposing that they form a temporary curator group, we aimed at using the power generated by this cooperation, as well as taking a closer look at the difficulties and challenges it might yield. We hope that we have managed to use their vast and varied experience in working with photography, as well as their different approach to the exhibition as a medium. Thus, “Picturing the Difference” is the effect of their cooperation and the resultant of individual experiences, interests and processes of artistic searching.

The presentation of each project will be accompanied by interviews with the artists carried out by the curators. In these individual interviews, the artists will describe how one can construct and use the “network” in real life, how one can include networking and creative cooperation in processes of artistic creation and what problems they encountered when working with selected communities.

Tylna 9/11
opening hours
10.05 (Thu): 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.
11.05–20.05 (Mon-Sun): 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.
latest entrance: 7.00 p.m.

opening: 10.05, 6 p.m.
exhibition will be held: 10–20.05