Curator: Maja Zembrzuska

Title of the exhibition explains the selection of works. Apart from passion of taking pictures, also studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw is what those people have in common. This is the place where those people acquired knowledge, reached maturity as artists who are conscious of their passion and skills. They share the same lab and have the same Master, Professor Mariusz Dąbrowski, discreetly watching and carrying about their creative development, just from the very beginning of their artistic careers. Our goal is to present photogra¬phy and new media as the form of expression that still gives opportunity to compile subjec¬tive vision as well as basic art problems at the same time. Photography allows also building particular “bridges” between the artistic tradition and modernity.

Wojska Polskiego 121
opening hours
Mon–Sun: 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.

exhibition will be held: 10–20.05