What do you know about Poland? Even if you know a lot, you will be more than surprised. Abstract shots resemble paintings rather than photographs. Graphic compositions of fields and roads; rivers and meadows like puzzle cuts; surprisingly regular patterns on a frozen lake – these jigsaws are accessible only from above.

‟The beauty of nature is such an obvious theme in art. But if you change your point of view – literally in my case – you will get puzzled. The Polish Patterns series reflects my fascination for the harmony and symmetry of the nature. I took all photos in the northern part of Poland called Pomerania – 50 km from my home. Polish landscape is so diverse that there is no need to travel far in search for themes.‟
Kacper Kowalski

The exhibition includes photos awarded in Grand Press Photo and International Photography Award contests.

The exhibition will be launched during the official opening of the Lodz Airport Terminal 3. The exact date will be announced later on the website www.fotofestiwal.com.