LIFE SCIENCE (2010, in progress)

As a scientist, this is an attempt of mine to make a statement about my individual experience in life science research as a physiologist. The project, I believe, is inspired by my long-lasting scientific confrontation with various biological specimens, while engaged in physiological studies. It is not intended to be a detailed scientific report; it contains my personal views and thoughts on certain aspects of life science, scientific activity and aesthetics in general.

In “Life Science” I wish to offer an artistic expression combining observation on Life science research methodology and an in-depth analysis of aesthetics and preparation hierarchy. Many life scientists experience hierarchical preparatory process during their career where they are first confronted with simple and then more complex organisms, which makes it easier to extrapolate to human studies. “Life Science” is frequently inspired by this typical outline of preparation hierarchy inherent in any research process, including neurobiology of invertebrates and mammals.

It takes a while for a young clinician, or a young research student to get accustomed to the scenes commonly witnessed in laboratories to the extent that they are able to perform adequately. This is achieved by extensive training; however, some never learn to deal with what they see. I feel that with my photographs I am able to tackle this issue, too. During my studies I had to face these issues, whether I wanted it or not. Today I believe I can focus on the aesthetics of the scene alone. I can improvise a new contextas the tools and paraphernalia shown are not just the typical ones used in the operating room. “Life Science” is forcing the biological tissue into relatively pleasant, sometimes artificial scenarios.

Eran Gilat
born in 1952 in Israel, lives in Rehovot (Israel)

Eran Gilat is a neurobiologist (Ph.D.) and art photographer. He has been an active scientist for over 25 years. His education include the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (B.Sc. in Biology), the Israel Institute of Technology (M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Medical Sciences) as well as Photography Master Class with the studio of Eldad Rafaeli and Eyal Landesman and Curatorial Studies at the Israel Institute of Technology.

In 2011, Eran Gilat was granted an honorary award by Lens-Culture Paris. The photographer’s most recent exhibition was the Surgery Room at the Heder Gallery, Tel-Aviv (2012).



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