SEEINGYOU (2007, in progress)

“Lorena delves into the realms of motherhood and domesticity, but in a manner that differs dramatically from the canon. She is a mother, lover and a friend, and shows us with explicit detail and tender moments, how these supposedly opposing notions can coincide. She trains her camera on the intimate facts of everyday life and bequests us to expand our notions of what it means to document the domestic realm, to exhibit sensuality and sexuality in a way that defies the precepts of domesticity. Desire can flourish uninhibited without compromising the family unit. These are things that we rarely see and hear in today’s world, even though we espouse to be beyond the modern. How can we be post anything, when we get tripped up on the most immediate of relations? Desire, anger, hostility, love, intimacy… that is the one thing that gets most of us. We can’t express it, but we feel it; we know it, when it is there, and Morin’s work brings us close to her domestic realm. She and her family share with us all those private moments that we experience but are afraid to reveal. Her imagery becomes our medium into the realm of domesticity in contemporary society.”

Tricia Lawless Murray

Lorena Morin
born in 1973 in Las Palmas (Spain), where she currently lives

Lorena Morin studied photography at the New England School of Photography in Boston. She also attended one year of film school in Barcelona, in the “Centro de Estudios Cinematográficos de Cataluña”, where José Luis Guerin, renowned Spanish film director, was her teacher. Back in the Canary Islands, she started working in the preparation and coordination of the 1st International Film Festival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. She has participated in workshops with Paolo Roversi and Andrés Serrano in Madrid, with Anders Petersen in Barcelona, Michael Ackerman in France and Rinko Kawauchi in Rome. In 2007 she makes her first exhibition “ficciones diarias” in Las Palmas, this show later travels to the Fotohuset in Kristiansand, Norway.

From that year she focuses her work on her children, her life at home and the personal changes happening around her. “seeingyou” is an intimate ongoing project which has been shown for the first time in September 2011 in the STIMULTANIA GALLERY in Strasbourg. In 2010 Lorena and her partner, Ary, start organizing the “Insightsproject workshops”, the first one took place in Amsterdam with Michael Ackerman and in 2011 they invited Anders Petersen and JH Engström to give a workshop together in Las Palmas. “Insightsproject” is currently preparing a third workshop with Photographer Todd Hido.

Her work has been featured in GUP magazine, Art TV3 France, Contemporánea Magazine and Equivalence Magazine. Her photographs are in the collections of “Art and Photography Center” in Tenerife and in the “Modern Art Center” in Las Palmas. She has participated in several group exhibitions in Arles in the Gallery Huit de la Fotografie, in Las Palmas in the Centro de Cultura Contemporánea San Martín and in Los Angeles in the JANCAR Gallery.

Piotrkowska 17

slide show: 12.05, 9.30 p.m.