STASIS (2008)

“Stasis” is a personal journey through a new European landscape.
A state of mind of inner and outer realities.
A state of mind where the location and context are subordinated.
The work reflects a tableau of scenarios and landscapes.
A pause that seems to stop all physical and chemical processes, including those of life itself.
A stasis between the past and the present.

Stefan Bladh
born in 1976 in Örebro (Sweden), lives in Stockholm (Sweden)

Stefan started to work in the documentary tradition but in recent years he more and more focuses on personal and subjective projects. After his education at the Nordic Photo school, he moved to Istanbul and spent many years travelling around, mostly across Eastern Europe and Asia. During this time he also worked on his first major project – “The Family“ a story of a poor nomadic family living in Turkey. The work came out in 2010 as his first publication on Nouvel Publishing. Now he is based in Stockholm, where he mostly works on his own projects along with assignments.





Piotrkowska 17

slide show: 12.05, 9.30 p.m.