H (2008-2012)

“H” is the attempt to build a private geography. Starting with homecoming and continuing by following lines and paths away, with a need to show gone absences and find unexpected presences, the project has taken on a form of an intimate family album, in which the endless question is whether memory can become geography and biography can be autobiography. Images of damaged cars, empty beds, homeless people, refugees, hotels and hidden love coexist in an attempt to find an answer and a way home.

Vittorio Mortarotti
born in 1982 in Savigliano (Italy), lives in Turin (Italy)

In 2005 Vittorio Mortarotti moves from Italy to Paris to study photography in Formation Professionnelle Supérieur des Arts, Centre Iris. In 2008 he has his first solo exhibition at Photo Month in Cracow. The same year he exhibits at Noorderlicht Festival (Fries Museum, Leeuwarden) in the show Behind Walls curated by Wim Melis. In 2010 he is chosen by Laura Serani as one of  13 photographers presented at Mois de la Photo of Paris in the Italian Emerging Photography exhibition and book. His works have been exhibited in France, Italy, Netherlands, Greece, Poland and Portugal.




Piotrkowska 17

slide show: 12.05, 9.30 p.m.