Archives and Amateurs

Old photographs are usually left gathering dust in boxes, slowly fading away and disappearing; sometimes they can be bought cheaply at a flea market, discovered on top of a rubbish tip or in the attic of a house in which no one lives. This exhibition includes some projects which have revived and breathed new life into these old, mostly amateur and anonymous photographs. FotoRejestr maintained by Photography Archaeology inspired Warsaw inhabitants to take a closer look at their home archives, Polska Ludowa [People’s Republic of Poland] presents a family history of the Malinowskis. Fotoautomat 1933 is a series of photographs found incidentally in the attic of an old Moldavian house, which were most likely taken using the first automatic camera in Łódź. Portret doskonały [A perfect portrait] exhibition has breathed new life into monidlos – family portraits among which many generations were raised and which for years were considered a symbol of aesthetic kitsch.

All these photographs discover our own histories and recollections. All of them were supposed to be more than just a personal keepsake and family document. They have become more and more universal in the course of time. Then what is their importance after several decades? And what could you discover in your own home archives?


A Perfect Portrait
A presentation of a unique collection of monidlos – hand-coloured photographic portraits
Curator’s project developed by Andrzej Różycki and Karol Jóźwiak

Wolska / Ebert
Artists: Jadwiga Wolska, Jan Ebert

Photo Booth 1933
Schloem Rottenberg

People’s Poland

Last Holiday
Group exhibition
Artists: Nina Hajdorowicz, Monika Kryszczyńska, Kasia Iwańska, Franek Ammer, Maciej Bujko, Igor Pisuk, Joanna Szewczuk, Igor Oleś, Agata Berniak, Tomasz Ferenc

Festival Centre
Piotrkowska 138/140

opening hours
6.06 (Thu): 6 pm. – 10 pm.
7.06-16.06 (Mon-Sun): 11 am. – 8 pm.
latest entrance: 7.00 pm.

opening: 6.06, 7 p.m.
exhibition is held: 6-16.06