Máté Bartha and Zuzana Lapitková

Common Nature – book presentation

leading: Zuzana Lapitková

The first book by the Hungarian multi-media artist Máté Bartha under the title Common Nature observes human society adapted in an urban space, Budapest standing for all the other cities – societies. A city is visualized not only as an environment for the human society; it is its mirror too. It can be understood as a counterpoint to wild nature. So it inspires reading the message as criticism of human twisted values, shaped by an urban environment. The photography of Common Nature cannot be classified as a pure documentary as the author does not hesitate to stage situations he needs in his message. The imagery inspired the book composition as a developing line, suggesting an abstract story, as well as, never-ending cycling of the recurrent motives throughout the book. The concept has been prepared with a Slovak independent curator Zuzana Lapitková. Common Nature is a self-published book, partially supported by the Ministry of National Resources, Hungary.

The meeting will be held in English.