Bolesław Augustis


Augustis or exploration of trash

Bolesław Augustis, Stefania Grudowa, Henryk Ross, Wiesław Rakowski or once renowned and re-discovered Zofia Chomętowska – these are only few names restored to the history of Polish photography in recent years. Each of these photographers was re-discovered by a fortunate coincidence. Each time, there was a person who responded and recognised the value of the photographic image supposed to be discarded with other trash.

Who is Bolesław Augustis? On one hand, he was an artisan focused on accuracy and detail rather than on beauty. Although his images depict events of the past they are free from nostalgic contemplation. Any poetic expression is nipped in the bud by the recorded truth and tangible reality. On the other hand, these photographs are unique because of their idea. Today, we can’t tell if it was a deliberate concept or if, and to what extent, the photographer intended to be creative. However, he definitely meant to create art. In these commercial photographs, Augustis displayed his frame awareness which can be called a kind of artistic added value.

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