Michał Chojnacki


Curator: Krzysztof Candrowicz

We have them.

They accompanied us, because they are an integral part of human life. The length of time to hide them, more or less closes us in itself. ‘My problem is only my’, so we very rarely decide to share it with another person. It’s hard to come to us the secrets disclosing, because sometimes they become companions for all life. It produces in us a fictitious sense of acceptance, but from time to time the secrets remind about himself, destroying the “outside normality”.

The desire to explore structure and the search for a solution will “collapse” of man in himself, so that for a moment left alone.

Piotrkowska 102

opening hour
Mon-Wed: 10.00 am-02.00 am/ Thu-Fri: 10.00 am – till the last visitor leaves
Sat: 11.00 am– till the last visitor leaves

opening: 10.06, 7.30 pm
exhibition is held: 11.06-18.06