Curator: Marek Domański

“Mała Czarna” is a special place – it is a gallery established a few years ago at the initiative of the “Scientific Society of Photographers” and its supervisor. Artists invited to cooperate with the gallery always present only one work, only one photograph. As a result, this is an uncommon situation, as it enables the presentation of images created alongside the main style of the artist’s activity. Images which thanks to their internal strength and uniqueness cannot be contained within a “project” or included in a series of photographs.

Single photographs, usually incorporated into a larger whole, acquire new meanings thanks to new contexts. However, in such situations, it is easy to overlook specific threads which are revealed by way of contemplating them in isolation. This is exactly the unusual image one can see in “Mała Czarna”. The image is one of the many photographs which were taken during the journeys of Tomasz Ferenc to the United States of America. This photograph is part of a larger cycle, however, the internal cohesion and multithreading allow for perceiving a completely separate and independent world of meanings in this image. The author, by selecting the title “Orchard Beach Bronx NY”, deliberately directs our thoughts towards documentary photography. However, the accumulation of metaphorical threads and associations allows for immersing oneself in this image for a long time and, as a result, enriching oneself. This makes us associate this photograph with the process of reading a complicated essay whose clear construction and full meaning is disclosed only thanks to full concentration which is maintained until the very last page.

Wojska Polskiego 121
opening hours
Mon–Sun: 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.

exhibition will be held: 4–20.05